It is what you call fear that I call courage

Because it is only when you are courageous enough that you experience fear

And when you experience fear is when you live

Otherwise you simply exist

-Nida Khan


New found wisdom at twenty!


It’s been twenty long years. The voyage of twenty years has been forby. From falling to getting up, from forgetting to learning, from crying to laughing, from shrinking to growing, the journey has been exceptional. From here on, my wagon has taken a different route altogether. The things that were blur before, my purpose, my dream, have now started to appear clear. But, it is still miles to go before I reach to the destined place. This journey would be with more challenges, more impediments, but I will thrive because my tenets have evolved. Back then, people told me what I should be doing and where I should be going but today I choose to be deaf to those words because I know them for myself. I want to do things others don’t want to or to be specific, don’t dare to and want to go on paths less reysed. I want to read till I can read no more. I want to write till there is nothing more to express. I want to learn till there is nothing more to learn and question till I have got all the answers. Back then, I ran to win  the race but today, I will run to win that dream of mine. I will push my limits for I know that the only walls around me are the one’s I create for myself. And yes, I will stop only when I am done.

It’s high time we change the way we think…

In the last few days you must have found only comments from outraging Indians in your Facebook and Twitter feeds.Every review platform has been wrecked by Indians (Yes you guessed it right,it is the Evan Spiegel controversy!). It is nothing but an allegation by a former employee against Evan Spiegel (Somebody who has woken up from slumber) for a comment made by the CEO that he doesn’t want Snapchat to expand to poor countries like India and Spain (Though Snapchat denies it), in an internal meeting. Now whether such a comment was made or no and if it was,what context he spoke in is a secondary thing.

Firstly, we Indians speak about freedom of speech then why condemn somebody for it. Everybody has his or her own perspective (Today if we say America is poor, does it make a difference!).

It is very easy to trigger we Indians. We have an emotional reaction to every word that comes out of the mouth. This is what intolerance is and the result of which is riots taking place everywhere.

India’s per capita income is $5000. So, you cannot deny that India is poor and may be Snapchat’s business model isn’t suitable for Indian market . On the other hand the per capita income of Spain is six times that of India’s. So, there should have been a greater outrage there. But nothing of that sort happened.

It’s time we change the way we think because money doesn’t make you rich or poor,your thoughts do. And with such a response to such a thing, I being an Indian can say India is poor. We try aping the West in many ways,  so why not ape their thought process too. That is where the real progress and richness lies.