Just me

 Hey Pressers!

First of all a big Thank You to all. Your likes and comments on my posts are motivating me to write more. Also your blogs are helping me learn and improve.

Today we can do a share something about yourself  post.

Few things about me…                                 

  • I’m a twenty year old. Yes, two decades of living, old enough to know better, too young to care!
  • Engineering student- By choice and I take pride in it.
  • I’m crazy about two things:
  1. Math (unlike many others I know) . And to those who hate it, just one thing, you have to dive deep in to see the beauty of the ocean. Swimming on the waters will not help. Same is with math.
  2. Reading. Most of you here would agree to this. Reading.Is.Bliss.
  • Pasta lover. Hey give me some Pasta…Anyday.Anytime.
  • Solitude…Ah! I enjoy it.
  • Optimistic…I am always. Wondering how?! My wisdom literature comes to the rescue.    

So these were few things about me. This is me. Mainstream? Nahh…I roll it differently!

Hope you enjoyed it!

I would like to know onething about each one of you in the comments!

More of me

New found wisdom at twenty


16 thoughts on “Just me

  1. Absolute love for maths. I love to play with numbers as much as I love to play with words. Pasta any day any time. Solitude is bliss. Engineer by choice too though not in the stream I was inclined towards before joining. And reading is one of the most amazing way if you want to know whatโ€™s life all about

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  2. Hey Nida! Love to know about you. You too belongs from engineering background! Its pretty cool. By the way Engineers are multi-talented.
    And same pinch! Welcome to the introvert’s club.

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