New found wisdom at twenty!


It’s been twenty long years. The voyage of twenty years has been forby. From falling to getting up, from forgetting to learning, from crying to laughing, from shrinking to growing, the journey has been exceptional. From here on, my wagon has taken a different route altogether. The things that were blur before, my purpose, my dream, have now started to appear clear. But, it is still miles to go before I reach to the destined place. This journey would be with more challenges, more impediments, but I will thrive because my tenets have evolved. Back then, people told me what I should be doing and where I should be going but today I choose to be deaf to those words because I know them for myself. I want to do things others don’t want to or to be specific, don’t dare to and want to go on paths less reysed. I want to read till I can read no more. I want to write till there is nothing more to express. I want to learn till there is nothing more to learn and question till I have got all the answers. Back then, I ran to win  the race but today, I will run to win that dream of mine. I will push my limits for I know that the only walls around me are the one’s I create for myself. And yes, I will stop only when I am done.


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