New Year’s Resolutions

Hi Guys! Happy New Year!☺ It is that time when there is so much of positivity around. Everyone is in jovial mood. Before the Christmas celebrations could end, New Year celebrations have begun already. New beginnings excite everyone, don't they?  Every year I make resolutions to stick to. And every year it takes me not [...]


Rejection Therapy

Well, I have always thought of freeing myself from the pain of rejection and overcoming fear; fear of being rejected. This is the thing that keeps us away from asking. Give it a thought. Does it not keep you away from the possibility of a "yes"?? or may be you're missing out on an opportunity [...]

I am back!

Hey! Hope you all are doing well! Yes, I've been missing for some time. But, now that I'm back, I wish to make up for all that I've missed. So, this particular post is only for you amazing writers out there. Why not post one of your recent work in the comments for me to [...]